Soutěž z anglického jazyka 2013 – témata pro ústní zkoušku

Přinášíme přehled témat pro ústní část pondělní soutěže z anglického jazyka. Účastníci se tedy mohou připravovat již nyní.

Me and my nuclear family (the light and dark sides)


Generation gap

My future – university, job, family, career and house or flat

„ Health is better than wealth“- keeping fit, health and diseases

„ Beauty is skin deep“- being good-looking

Food and meals, my eating habits

Fast food, restaurants, shopping

Nature, weather, environmental problems

My attitude to the school I go to

My attitude to the place where I live

What I would change/ wouldn´t change in this country

Why I like my country

Travelling makes people happy/ unhappy

Holiday, accomodation

My out-of-school activities, culture, media, books, the Net

Sports and games, being professional or amateur sportsman

The value of hobbies

Social and global problems – poverty, unemployment, drugs, alkohol, crime, broken families, terrorist attacks

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